Leigh Henry Band

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Leigh Henry Band


…and the club, the tent, the banquet hall, the barn… any place with four walls … or more… or less… is a great place to play and party! Weddings, private and corporate events… or your favorite venue…we will, we will rock you!

Are You Serious!? 

Five serious, professional musicians with chops, passion and decades of experience get together to start a band.  So when does it stop?  When the last song is over and the lights come up!

Who dat? Who dat?

Leigh Henry – vocals, percussion, guitar.  Jim Keneally – bass, vocals.  Tod Baharian –guitar, vocals. Mike “The Rock” Marble – drums, vocals. Chris Ingram – keyboard. Five guys named “Moe Music”!  And sometimes six: Jim Clark – sax.

 All Good…

…tunes, that is. Playing oldies, goodies, newies, bluesies, funk…and defunkt!  If it rocks and rolls…and got soul…we’re on it. Locked in and locked down on that undeniable groove.  (Go on – try NOT to dance!)

And Wait – There’s More!!

For your private event – we’ll DJ during band breaks.   You should be dancin’……..YEAH!!   (We take full responsibility for happy feet!)